Sunday, January 11, 2009

My wife is turning me into a Blog Nerd!!!!

So, my wife has been blogging for about 6 months now, everyday in fact. She has to check her blog at least 5 times a day...and keeps telling me I need to start a blog of my own. However, being a person of few words I have often declined, until now. I never even read my wife's blog until two weeks ago, let alone have any desire to create my own.

Here I am though, I have recently been doing a lot of "blog surfing" looking at a lot of individuals connected to the wonderful world of art and illustration. I am currently attending classes through the Art Institute of Pittsburgh's online division and am having a hard time choosing between Game Art and Design or Animation.

Finding a lot of enjoyment from playing games, video games especially, I have always thought it would be extremely exciting and just a lot of pure AWESOMENESS to work on the artistic and creative side of developing the games themselves. However, animation also looks to be just as rewarding and perhaps allowing for greater flexibility with a career. Alas, I have come to the fork in the road not sure of which path to follow. So after reading my long windedness, if anyone knows of anyone working in either fields or has any advice PLEASSEEEEE, do share!


  1. I am so glad that you decided to blog. It is my favorite and I am so glad we can blog together. It is so much fuN!

  2. WOOT, WOOT!!! WOW, my very first comment on my very first blog. Thanks Em, love you!!!

  3. Wow even Nate is blogging now - Emily is going to really harp on me to start one. I like the green background :)

  4. Emily is good at pushing people into blogging! Welcome to the club!

  5. I know...pushy...pushy...prego lady. And yes, I am still pregnant.

  6. Hi Nate,

    As I read your blog I could hear you saying those things. I love it. Have fun. We love you.