Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ohhhh...that's hot!!!!

So I finally finished my English class and am now back into an actual art class. My current class is Digital Manipulation II which is a class dedicated to learning Adobe Photoshop. I am in the first week of the class and am actually pretty excited with what we are doing so far.

Last night I had a bunch of assignments due and after two and half hours of working on the one I am quite pleased with what I was able to accomplish. We were given a photo of a jalapeno pepper and then required to use some layer masking to change the color of the pepper and then the color of the shading. I think this is probably pretty basic for most versed in Photoshop manipulation, but for me it was the first time working with layer masks. Once I figured out this technique I had a blast working on the assignment.


  1. Your project turned out really cool. I must have been hard to figure out how to do the layer mask without your book....good job honey!!

    Thanks for showing me how to do it too. I have really enjoyed learning how to do different things from is really fun.

  2. Looks good, Nate. Do you have any other artwork on display online somewhere? I would love to see more.

  3. Wow! Thats way cool! I definatly need to pick your brain one day on photoshop and such or I just need to bring my camera over for you to play with and maybe you can help me just figure it out a little more?? haha maybe?? but thanks for the comment! I always have fun with your brother he is really a great man! I consider myself lucky!! :) ♥

  4. Holy Cow!!! Look at those peppers!!! What did you do?!!! Just kidding with ya, they are awesome!!! What talent you have my brother!!! :D