Sunday, October 2, 2011

Update on WIP

Here's where the tree is now. Think I spent about another 1.5 hours on this. The more I look at this I realize how bad the composition is. I didn't block the tree in very good on my paper and just decided to go with this anyway. As a result it looks a bit scrunched up...


  1. Considering that I know what the "real" tree looks like...I think your critic is off...I think it looks very true to life...I think the shading and textures are great. Good job.

  2. I like it. Maybe the composition looks off because the tree is so much darker than everything else. Give it time.

  3. Thanks Em and Heather. I hope it works out. I was thinking about importing into Photoshop once I got done. Then I could try doing some digital painting over it. We'll see though! =)