Thursday, December 8, 2011

Heading Back to School

I went and talked with an academic advisor at UVU last Friday. Exploring the possibility of going back to school to study Illustration! I have to admit I was about to cancel my appointment due to my lack of self confidence when it comes to art. However, I have to say I was sooooo glad I went. My questions were all answered and then in addition to meeting with an advisor I got to meet with Don Seegmiller (you can find a link to his website here on my blog, see below). Don is an amazing Illustrator and I have always been amazed by his work, my goal is to be that good one day.

I found out a couple of years ago he actually lives in Utah and he teaches at UVU! I ddin't think I would really ever take any classes with him, let alone meet him! Can't describe how excited and scared I was when I got to talk to him. That was quite the experience...especially when he asked to look at my most sketchbook. It was amazing. He gave me some compliments and some tips to get better.

First thing he told me to do was to never erase. Second thing never tear pages out of my sketchbook. Third keep drawing everyday. He even told me I should invest in this book and use it religiously, "Keys to Drawing." I think I will wait to buy it until after Christmas....maybe Santa will bring it to me, if I am good that is!

I will have to get some more images scanned and posted on the web site. Drawing at work is proving to be a challenge, things are getting really busy. I need to spend more time doing this at night while I am home anyway if I don't get another post about between now and the year end, Merry Christmas!

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